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Policies involving linked personal accounts (LastPass Business only)

    Admins can configure the following policies that involve linking personal accounts:

    Prohibit linked personal account
    Disallows linking of your personal account into your company account.
    Prohibit update of personal account info
    Disallows adding/updating/deleting of personal account data when it is linked through your company's account.
    Set default account for new sites
    If this policy is in place, and a user has a linked personal account, sites will be saved to the personal account by default, unless the new site’s URL matches a domain specified in the ‘value’ field. Additionally, multiple domains can be separated by commas (for example,,, and so on).
    Recommend or require linked personal account
    When enabled, this policy will force each user to create a personal account that will be linked automatically to the user's company account. Existing personal account holders will be required to link their personal account. New users will enter their personal email address which will serve as the username for the account, while the master password will be the same for both accounts. Additional configurations can allow this policy to be mandatory or give users the ability to opt-out if desired.
    Save personal sites to personal vault
    When this policy is enabled, LastPass detects the username for every new site. If the username matches the username for the Personal Linked Account (such as, the site will be saved directly to the personal vault by default. If any other username is used for the site (such as or any non-email username), the site will be saved directly to the company vault by default. The user can override the LastPass personal account selection if needed.
    Note: A personal LastPass vault must be linked to the user’s company vault in order to auto-sort. Otherwise, all logins will save to the company vault by default. For this reason, we recommend enabling the “Recommend or require linked personal account” policy in order to help automate this function for users.
    Prohibit Families as a Benefit
    When enabled, this policy will prohibit users from claiming a free LastPass Families account for their personal password management. See Families as a Benefit FAQs for Admins and Users for more details.