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Pulse Secure VPN configuration for the LastPass Universal Proxy LDAPS protocol on Linux

    1. Log in to the Pulse Secure admin console.
    2. Select Authentication > Auth. Servers in the top toolbar.
    3. In the New: drop-down menu, select LDAP Server.
    4. Click New Server....
    5. In the New LDAP Server window, set the following fields:
      Enter a name for your LDAP server.
      LDAP Server
      Enter the IP address of the LastPass Universal Proxy.
      LDAP Port
      Backup LDAP Server
      Enter if applicable.
      Backup LDAP Port
      Enter if applicable.
      LDAP Server Type
      Connection Timeout
      Search Timeout
    6. In the Authentication Required group box, set the following fields:
      Authentication required to search LDAP
      Check the checkbox.
      Admin DN
      Enter the distinguished name of the LDAP administrator in the following format: CN=Admin,CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=country_code.
      Enter the administrator password that is set on the LDAP system.
    7. In the Finding user entries group box, set the following fields:
      Base DN
      Enter the Base DN under which the users are located, in the following format: DC=domain,DC=country_code.
      Enter uid=<username>.

    8. After saving changes on the Server Configuration page, click Test Connection to test your configuration settings.
    Results: Your Pulse Secure VPN is now configured to use LDAPS protocol for authentication.