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Regenerate VIP certificate for Symantec VIP authenticator

    You can regenerate the VIP certificate for your Symantec VIP users if you want to reset the MFA secret.

    About this task:
    Important: If you regenerate the VIP certificate for Symantec VIP, your users cannot log in until you set up the new certificate in LastPass.
    Before you begin:
    Note: The steps outlined below must be performed by an admin of both the integration tool and LastPass Business.
    1. Go to your Symantec VIP Manager and follow the instructions for regenerating and downloading the certificate.
    2. Log in and access the LastPass new Admin Console at!/dashboard.
    3. Go to Advanced > Enterprise Options > Multifactor options > Symantec VIP.
      Configure Symantec VIP Authentication
    4. Select Choose file and upload your certificate in PEM format.
    5. Enter your Certificate Password.
    6. Select Update.
    Results: You regenerated the VIP certificate for Symantec VIP.