Reset a User's Master Password (Super Admin)

    LastPass admins can enable the "Permit super admins to reset master passwords" policy for their account to allow designated admins to reset a user's master password.

    Once enabled, user accounts will be able to have their master passwords reset as long as they have logged in to the LastPass browser extension at least once.

    Note: Existing users who are actively logged in will need to log out and log back in via the LastPass browser extension before the reset option will become available to the admin. It is required that the user logs back in via the LastPass browser extension only, as logging in via will not activate the master password reset option for the admin.
    1. Enable the "Permit super admins to reset master passwords" policy.
    2. User logs in via the LastPass browser extension, that activates the policy in Step #1 above.

      Note: At this point during the process, the listed super admin will have the option in the Admin Console to reset the master password for their selected user.

    3. Super admin resets the user's master password.

      Warning: When you reset a user's master password, any linked personal LastPass account of the user will automatically become delinked from their company LastPass account. If desired, the user can link their personal account again.
      Warning: If the user whose master password you are resetting is a federated user, they will be converted to a non-federated user account upon reset. Learn how they can become a federated user again without the risk of data loss.

      1. In the Admin Console, go to Users in the left menu.
      2. Click on the email address of the user, then click the More icon and select Reset Master Password.
      3. When prompted, click OK.
      4. Enter your own master password, then click Submit.
      5. Enter a new master password for the user, then re-enter it to confirm.
      6. If desired, you can click Change the user's email to also update their LastPass username.
      7. You can choose to uncheck the box to disable the Force password change on next login option, as it is enabled by default for security best practices.
      8. When finished, click Submit.
    What to do next:
    Important: If you have been added as a super admin in your account's policies and do not see the "Super admin master password reset" option for a user, it may mean that the user has not yet logged out of their active LastPass session. You can force user log off, then advise them to log back in to their account via the LastPass browser extension (not the website). Once they have done so, you can refresh the User page in the Admin Console and try again.
    Important: If your LastPass Business organization is using federated login to provision new users (using AD FS, Okta, or Azure AD), then the master password being used is the user's account password that is stored in their Active Directory. If a federated user's master password is reset, it will convert them to a non-federated user status upon reset. Learn how they can become a federated user again without the risk of data loss.