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SCIM Provisioning FAQs

    What happens if I provision a registered user via SCIM?

    The user from Azure AD or Okta will be connected to the existing LastPass user and updated if there are any differences found.

    What happens with existing users in LastPass that are not provisioned?

    Only their group structure can be affected because of assigned groups from Azure AD or pushed groups from Okta.

    What happens if I delete a user in Azure?

    The user will be disabled in LastPass, and after 30 days, Azure AD will delete it in LastPass.

    What happens if I delete a user in Okta?

    You must first deactivate the user in Okta, which will disable the user in LastPass. Deleting users in Okta has no additional effect.

    I have created a previous test company with the same email domain, what should I do before setting up provisioning for my live company?

    Remove every user from the test company that will be provisioned into the live company.

    About the Don't send welcome email policy

    Users who are created via automated provisioning using directory integrations (i.e., SCIM provisioning or federated login) are automatically sent an activation code via email, which is required for finishing the account setup process. For this reason, the Don't send welcome email policy does not affect users created via automated provisioning.