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Set Up Federated Login for LastPass Using OneLogin

    Federated login for LastPass Business allows users to log in to LastPass using their organization's OneLogin credentials without having to create and use a separate master password.

    LastPass supports the following provisioning features:

    • Create users
    • Update user attributes
    • Delete users
    • Sync groups

    Before you begin the setup process between LastPass and OneLogin, review the account requirements and limitations that apply to federated user accounts.

    Account requirements

    Setting up federated login for LastPass using OneLogin requires the following:
    Important: User Provisioning is available only in the OneLogin Professional Bundle.
    • An active OneLogin subscription
    • Access to OneLogin's API Access Management feature
      Note: If you don't have access to this feature or you are not sure whether or not you have access to it, contact your OneLogin sales representative for assistance.
    • An active trial or paid LastPass Business account
    • An active LastPass Business admin (required when activating your trial)
      Note: If you have not started a LastPass Business trial, contact our Sales team at for more information.

    Limitations that apply to federated users

    You are now ready to follow the step-by-step instructions indicated at the bottom of the page to set up federated login using OneLogin. Complete all steps one by one.