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Step #1: Create Directory Service API

    To begin the setup process for LastPass using Google Workspace, create a directory service API in Google Cloud Platform.

    Before you begin: It is required that you enable the “Permit super admins to reset Master Passwords” policy for at least one LastPass admin (who is also a non-federated admin, if you are setting up federated login) in the LastPass Admin Console. This ensures that all LastPass user accounts can still be recovered (via Master Password reset) if a critical setting is misconfigured or changed for after setup is complete.
    1. Open the Google Developer's console.
    2. Click CREATE PROJECT.
    3. Enter the following information and click CREATE:
      • Project name: LastPass
      • Organization: Leave default value.
      • Location: Leave default value.
    4. In the APIs & Services window click + ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES.
    5. Enter Admin SDK API in the Search for APIs & Services field.
    6. Select Admin SDK API in the search results.
    7. Click Enable.
    8. Enter Google Drive API in the Search products and resources field.
    9. Select Google Drive API in the search results.
    10. Click Enable.