Step #11: Assign the User to the Single-Page Application

    1. In the Okta admin portal, under the Applications menu in the left navigation, select Applications.
    2. Select the LastPass Okta Login app.
    3. Go to the Assignments tab.
    4. Click the Assign drop-down menu in the upper-left navigation, then select Assign to People.
    5. Locate your desired user, then select Assign.
    6. When prompted, click Save and Go Back.
    7. Select Done.
    The setup is complete! You have successfully set up your LastPass Business account to use federated login with Okta.

    All of your newly populated federated users will receive a Welcome email informing them that they can now log in to use LastPass. Please note that your LastPass users must log in using the LastPass browser extension in order to use federated login for their Okta account with LastPass.

    What to do next: