Step #2: Configure Federated Login Settings for PingFederate in LastPass

    Configure your federated login settings for PingFederate in LastPass.

    Before you begin: If you have already installed the LastPass Active Directory Connector, you must stop the service and exit the ADC application. You will need to start it at a later step.
    1. Log in and access the Admin Console at, then select Users > Federated login.

    2. Select the PingFederate tab, then enter the following values:

      • In the Provider URL field, paste your Identity Provider URL copied from Step #1.
      • In the Public key field, paste your Identity Provider Public Key copied from Step #1.

    3. Check the box for the Enabled setting.
    4. Select Save Changes.

      Result: The LastPass Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) field is generated automatically.

    5. Copy your LastPass Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL and paste it into a text editor.