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Step #2: Create the LastPass Provisioning App in Okta

    Once you have acquired the Connection URL and Provisioning Token, you will need to create the provisioning app for LastPass in Okta and enter those values, as well as configure your group and user attributes.

    1. Log in to your Okta portal with your administrator account credentials.
    2. Access the Admin Dashboard by clicking Admin in the upper-right navigation.
    3. Under Applications in the left navigation, select Applications.
    4. Click Browse App Catalog.
    5. Search for “LastPass”. When you found it, click it, then click Add.
    6. In the Application label field, enter the name of your LastPass provisioning app.
      It is good practice to name your app "LastPass Provisioning" for easy identification later on.
    7. Click Next, then click Done, leaving the default values as-is.
    Results: You have created the LastPass provisioning app in the Okta portal.

    LastPass Sync app in Okta