Step #3: Add Users/Groups to the Provisioning App in Azure AD

    Assign your users and/or groups to the Provisioning App you created in Azure AD.

    These steps below are performed in the Azure AD portal.
    • Return to the Azure AD portal, then select the Provisioning App you created and add your desired users and/or groups.
      1. Go to Overview > Enterprise Applications in the left navigation.
      2. Locate and select the Provisioning App for LastPass that you created.
      3. Select Assign users and groups > Add user > Users and groups.
      4. Locate each of the users and/or groups in the list, then click Select to grant access to the app.
      5. Click Assign.
    You have added your desired users and/or groups to the Provisioning App you created for LastPass.

    The setup is complete! You have successfully set up your SCIM Provisioning using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for LastPass Business . All of your newly populated users will receive a Welcome email informing them that they can now log in to use LastPass.

    What to do next: If you have not done so yet, you can deploy the LastPass browser extension across your organization.