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Step #3: Configure your LastPass Business federated login settings in LastPass

    If you have already installed the LastPass Active Directory Connector, you must stop the service and exit the ADC application. You will need to start it at a later step.

    About this task:

    Now that you have obtained all of the necessary information, you can configure your LastPass Business Federated Login settings as follows:

    1. Log in and access the Admin Console at
    2. Go to Users > Federated login.
    3. In the Provider URL field, paste your full Identity Provider URL (i.e., https:// + Federation Service name + Endpoint Token Issuance URL Path) that you obtained in Step #2.
    4. In the Public key field, paste your Identity Provider Public Key that you obtained from Step #2.
    5. Once all of the fields have been updated in both sections, an "Enabled" checkbox will be displayed in the "Configure AD FS" section. Check the box for the Enabled setting.
    6. Click Save Settings.
    7. Once saved, the Service Provider URL field below will be generated automatically. Copy your Service Provider URL and paste it into a text editor.
    8. Under the "Configure AD Connector" section, add the name of the custom attribute (that you created or re-purposed and configured in Step #1), then click Save.