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Step #3: Enter the Provisioning Token and URL into the LastPass Provisioning App in Okta

    1. In the Okta admin portal, under Applications in the left navigation, select Applications. Find your LastPass provisioning app. Open it by clicking its name. Select the Provisioning tab, then select Integration.
    2. Click Configure API Integration.
    3. Check the box to enable the Enable API integration option.
    4. Enter the following values that you copied from :
      1. For the Base URL field, paste the Connection URL.
      2. For the API Token field, paste the Provisioning Token.
    5. Check the Import Groups box, if not enabled by default.
    6. Click Test API Credentials to validate the information you entered.
    7. Click Save to finish setting up the application.
    Results: You have configured the LastPass provisioning app in Okta with the Provisioning Token and Connection URL from LastPass.

    LastPass provisioning app configuration