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Step #5: Create login apps for LastPass in OneLogin

    Create app integrations for LastPass in OneLogin, and configure them to enable login to LastPass with OneLogin credentials.

    About this task: The steps below are performed in OneLogin.

    You will be creating the following login apps:

    • Desktop app
    • Android app
    • iOS app
    • Web app

    Perform the following steps from start to end for all apps, one after the other. The procedure is the same for all apps with some key differences. The differences are called out specifically in the steps that follow.

    1. In the OneLogin Admin portal, in the top toolbar, go to Applications > Applicatons, then click Add App.
    2. Search for and select OpenId Connect (OIDC).
      OpenId Connect (OIDC) app in OneLogin
    3. In the Display Name field, enter a name for the app.
      The names should be descriptive for all the different apps to avoid any confusion later on. For example, use the following names:
      • For the Desktop app: Desktop OIDC
      • For the Android app: Android OIDC
      • For the iOS app: iOS OIDC
      • For the Web app: Web OIDC
    4. Click Save.
    5. Select SSO in the left navigation.
    6. Set Application Type > Application Type to the following values:
      • For the Desktop app: Native
      • For the Android app: Native
      • For the iOS app: Native
      • For the Web app: Web
    7. Set Token Endpoint > Authentication Method to the following values:
      • For the Desktop app: None (PKCE)
      • For the Android app: None (PKCE)
      • For the iOS app: None (PKCE)
      • For the Web app: Basic
      SSO values for OpenId Connect app
    8. Select Configuration in the left navigation.
    9. In the Redirect URI's field, enter the following values:
      • For the Desktop app:
      • For the Android app:
      • For the iOS app:
      • For the Web app:
      Configuration values for OpenId Connect app

      Troubleshooting: If you receive an error message, do not click Save until you completed every step on each tab.

    Results: You have created four different login apps and each of them should be displayed on the Applications > Applications page.