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Step #4: Install the LastPass Active Directory Connector

Step #4: Install the LastPass Active Directory Connector

    Install and configure the LastPass Active Directory Connector.

    Tip: Create a small control group of users in Active Directory to be used initially for the steps below.
    1. Install the LastPass Active Directory Connector (instructions here). If the LastPass AD Connector is already installed, you must restart the application before proceeding with changing the settings.
    2. Configure the LastPass Active Directory Connector by selecting Actions > When a user is detected in Active Directory > Automatically create user in LastPass (within your local non-production and live environments).
      Warning: This option must be selected in order for federated users to be created via AD FS.
    3. Select Federation in the left navigation, then click Edit.
    4. Select Generate New Secret.
      Important: You must save the New Secret key (in the Company-wide key field) to a secure location. If you need to reinstall the LastPass AD Connector in the future, you must re-enter this same company-wide key again.

      LastPass AD Connector with Federation selected

    5. Once all of the configurations are in place, select the Home tab in the left navigation of the LastPass AD Connector, then check the box for Enable sync to begin syncing.
    6. Log in and access the Admin Console at
    7. Go to Users > Users to see the users populate as they are synced from your Active Directory.