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Step #4 (Optional): Configure group synchronization between OneLogin and LastPass

    In some cases, you may want to segment your users into groups to sync between OneLogin and LastPass. You can sync a group from LastPass to your OneLogin app, and assign this group directly to your users in the OneLogin admin portal to assist with your user administration.

    About this task:
    Important: Group provisioning between OneLogin and LastPass is not available.
    Note: There is no direct group-to-group sync available between OneLogin and LastPass. However, you can map a group folder from LastPass to OneLogin and add your users and/or groups to it. The sync is not automatic and you must manually refresh the configuration.
    1. Enable group sync in OneLogin.
      1. Select the Parameters tab, then Groups.
        Parameters tab of LastPass Provisioning app in OneLogin

        Result: The Edit Group Fields pop-up window appears.

      2. Activate the flag Include in User Provisioning, then select Save.
        Include in User Provisioning flag in OneLogin
    2. Create a group in LastPass.
    3. Create a group in OneLogin.
      1. Select Users > Groups in the top navigation.
      2. Click New Group.
      3. Provide a name for your group.
      4. Select your policy of choice from the Security policy drop-down menu.
      5. Click Save.
    4. Sync the group from LastPass to OneLogin.
      1. Go back to your LastPass Provisioning app in the OneLogin admin portal.
      2. Select the Configuration tab.
      3. Toggle the API status from "Enabled" to "Disabled", then back to "Enabled", using the Disable and Enable buttons.
    5. Check whether the group that you created in LastPass is present in OneLogin.
      1. Select the Parameters tab, then Groups.

        Result: The Edit Group Fields pop-up window appears.

      2. Click the Value > Select Groups drop-down menu.

        Result: The group synced from LastPass should be present.

        Group synced from LastPass present in OneLogin

    6. At this point, you have the option to set a default group from LastPass where your users will be synced to. However, you also have the option to leave the Value field unselected and configure a group for each of your users individually:
      1. Select Users in the top navigation, then select a user.
      2. Select the Applications tab.
      3. Select the LastPass Provisioning app.
      4. Under Groups, use the drop-down list to select the group that you synced from LastPass.
      5. Click Add.
      6. Click Save.
      7. Click Save User.