Step #4: Register your Company-wide key with LastPass

    Register the Company-wide key with LastPass by deploying the LastPass Data Store to PingFederate.

    1. Log in and access the Admin Console at
    2. Go to Users > Federated login, then select the PingFederate tab.
    3. In the LastPass Custom Data Store section at the bottom of the page, select either Download for PingFederate Server v10.3 or Download for PingFederate Server v11.0 and save the .ZIP file.
    4. Log in to your PingFederate Server server, then transfer the .ZIP file to the desktop of your PingFederate server.
    5. Install the LastPass Data Store and dependencies by copying the content of the .ZIP file to the following PingFederate directory:


    6. Restart the PingFederate service.
    7. Open PingFederate.
    8. Select System > Data Stores > Add New Data Store.
    9. Configure the following settings:

      Configuration settings Instructions
      Name LastPass Federated Login
      Type LastPass Data Store

    10. Enable the Mask Values in Log setting.

      Data Stores settings in PingFederate

    11. Select Next.
    12. Enter your Company Wide Secret Key generated by the LastPass AD Connector in Step #3 and select Next.

      Data Stores settings in PingFederate with LastPass company-wide secret

    13. On the Summary tab, select Save.
    The LastPass Data Store is now configured.