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Step #5: Assign Users to the LastPass Provisioning Application

    1. Under the Applications menu on the main toolbar, click Applications.
    2. Click the LastPass Provisioning app.
    3. On the Assignments tab, click the Assign drop-down menu in the upper-left navigation, then select Assign to Groups.
    4. Select Everyone, then click Assign.
    5. Click Done to begin syncing. This will provision all your selected users and users from selected groups.
    6. To sync group objects with memberships, you need to use the Push Group feature. This will use Okta as a source of truth and overwrite the same group with its members based on what you have pushed in the Okta group.
      Note: If you had only selected Deactivate Users from Step #4: Enable Provisioning to the LastPass Provisioning Application in Okta, Deactivate Users in the previous section, you must now check the boxes to enable additional provisioning settings, Create Users and Update User Attributes, then click Save.
    Results: You have configured the LastPass provisioning app and enabled provisioning to populate LastPass users in the Admin Console from Okta.