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Step #5: Configure OAuth consent screen in Google Workspace

    Configure Federated login in Google Workspace by configuring the OAuth consent screen.

    1. Open the Google Developer Console.
    2. Hover over APIs and Services in the left navigation menu and click OAuth consent screen.
    3. In the User type section select Internal.
    4. Click CREATE.
    5. Enter LastPass in the App name field.
      Important: This app name will be displayed for the federated users.
    6. Enter the user support email address.
      Note: The users in your organization can request support via this email address.
    7. Optional: Upload LastPass logo.
      Tip: The users in your organization can easily recognize this app if you upload a logo.

      Note: You can use the image below to upload as the App logo:

    8. Click +ADD DOMAIN and enter
    9. Enter the email address of the developer in the Developer contact information field.
      Note: The users can request support by using this email address.
    10. Click SAVE AND CONTINUE.
    11. In the Scopes window click ADD OR REMOVE SCOPES.
    12. Check the boxes for the following scopes:
      • userinfo.profile
      • openid
      • drive.appdata
      • drive.file
      • drive.install
    13. Click UPDATE.

      Result: The scopes are added to the Your non-sensitive scopes section.

    14. Click SAVE AND CONTINUE.
    15. On the Summary window click BACK TO DASHBOARD.