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Step #5: End User Communication

    Reach out to your Test Group participants to set expectations, then monitor progress of the rollout and review learnings.


    • Notify Test Group members about the required steps and expectations at login, and inform them of the various help and training resources they can use (Support Center articles, troubleshooting guides, contacting the Helpdesk, etc.).
    • Review participation rates & usage efficiency, and refine resources accordingly.


    Communicate with Test Group
    1. Send email to all Test Group participants informing them of the upcoming rollout, the purpose of the program, and corporate expectations.
    2. Highlight that they should expect an invitation from LastPass within the next 24 hours. See examples of pre-deployment introduction email templates for new LastPass Business users.

    Launch Test Group

    1. Provision Test Group participants.
    2. Conduct end user training.
    3. Inform Test Group participants of customized training materials, and steer users toward the Support Center and Helpdesk personnel with questions.

    Monitor Participation & Compliance

    1. Check LastPass admin reports for usage statistics among Test Group participants.
    2. Conduct outreach and/or training for anyone not currently using LastPass.

    Wrap-Up for Pilot Group – Conduct Surveys & Gather Beta Results

    1. Conduct surveys with Test Group participants on ease of implementation, training, and satisfaction ratings.
    2. Make changes to the implementation strategy based on survey learnings.