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Step #6: Check that the custom attribute is populated

Step #6: Check that the custom attribute is populated

    Confirm that the LastPass AD Connector has populated the custom attribute properly.

    1. Log in to your Active Directory server.
    2. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers manager tool.
    3. Go to View and ensure Advanced Features is enabled, or click the Advanced Features menu option to enable it.
    4. In the left navigation, go to Users.
    5. Right-click on a user, then click Properties.
    6. Click the Attribute Editor tab.
    7. Locate the custom attribute you created (e.g., LastPassK1) and confirm that a value is set (as shown below).
      Correctly Configured:
      Attribute Editor displaying custom attribute
      Warning: If the custom attribute value is < not set > (as shown below) then you must check the following:
      LastPassK1 attribute with <not set> value