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Testing Fortinet VPN

    1. Click Test Connectivity in the Edit LDAP Server window of the Fortinet FortiGate SSL VPN administration portal to test your connection.

      If the result is successful it indicates that the VPN server was able to connect to LastPass Universal Proxy.

    2. Click Test User Credentials to test an existing user's account credentials that will use this server for authentication. The Test User Credentials window appears.
      1. In the Username field, enter your username, which should be the same as the sAMAccountName field value in the Active Directory for the test user.
      2. In the Password field enter your password, which is the password stored in the Active Directory for the test user.


      If the test is successful, everything is set up correctly in the VPN server, LastPass Universal Proxy and LastPass Authentication Server.

      Now you can do an authentication test with the Fortinet VPN client as well.