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Use the Sharing Center

Use the Sharing Center

    You can share an item (e.g., username, password, secure note, etc.) with another LastPass user by using the Sharing Center to notify your recipient, which will then allow them to accept the shared information.

    If you change your mind after you've shared an item – don't worry! You always have the ability to revoke access to your shared item once it's been sent. It is highly recommended that you only share items with those whom you trust.

    Attention: If you encounter an error when using the sharing feature (either sharing individually or using shared folders), you must upgrade to the latest version of the LastPass browser extension (v4.104.0 or newer). Download the latest version of LastPass on your device.

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    Limitations of the Sharing Center

    • Once an item has been shared, if the owner updates the shared item since the last time it was shared, the owner must share it again to ensure the recipient has the latest version of that item.
    • The recipient of a shared item cannot edit the shared item. If the recipient wants to make changes to a shared item, they must clone the item (creates a separate item entry) and make the changes locally within their vault. For this reason, if the sharer would like recipients to make changes to shared items, they should use a shared folder.
    • A single item can be shared with up to 30 LastPass users. When attempting to share with a 31st user, a message informs the sharer to use a shared folder. Learn more about shared folders.
    • If you choose to allow the recipient of a shared item to view the password, we highly recommend that you generate a secure password for each site password you share. Learn more below.
    • We recommend that all of your passwords be random and generated. This ensures that the recipient of a shared item cannot guess your other passwords based on the one(s) you've shared with them.
    • If the sharer or recipient of the shared item deletes the shared site entry, the share will be revoked and disappear from the recipient's vault
    • Secure Notes do not offer the ability to hide the password from the recipient of a shared item.
    • To add a new shared folder or convert a standard folder to a shared folder as a new user, you will be prompted to join a LastPass Families account. Additionally, shared folders are supported in Teams and Business accounts.
    Note:  If you have not yet verified your LastPass account email address, you will be prompted to do so before you can share an item or folder.

    About hidden passwords for shared items

    When you share an item, regardless of whether you enable the "Allow Recipient to View Password" option, you should be aware of the following:
    • Savvy end users could potentially access the password if they capture it using advanced techniques, but LastPass will never be able to access this data because it has been encrypted using the account's public key.
    • It is also possible to obtain shared passwords using another password manager.

    For these reasons, LastPass recommends that you generate a secure password specific to the site that you’re sharing in order to avoid sharing any passwords that you’re uncomfortable with the recipient obtaining.