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User Provisioning

    Users will be synced from the directory to both the Password Management and SSO & MFA Admin Consoles. Editing users is available on both Admin Consoles, and any updates made on either side will be synced. Deleting a user in either of the Admin Consoles will also be reflected on the other.

    Before you begin:
    Note: Are you seeing something different? Learn how to navigate in the New Admin Console or Password Manager Admin Console.
    1. Log in and access the Admin Console at!/dashboard.
    2. Select MFA or SSO & MFA in the left navigation.
    3. To add users, go to Users > +Add User.
      Fill out the required fields, including the following:
      • Username
      • First Name
      • Last Name
    4. Click Save when finished.

      Result: A new activation email is sent to the user with instructions on how to activate passwordless login.

      Note: If you have a LastPass Business account, the user will also receive an additional email with instructions on how to activate their LastPass business account.

    5. Optional: To edit users, click Users.
      Search for a user in the search box and click on a user to edit that user's information.
      Action in LastPass Instructions
      To edit user attributes Click the Attributes tab.
      To see the user's information Click Entitlement or History.
      To view and lock the user's device Click the Devices tab.
      To edit user's admin privilege Expand the Advanced section.
      If the user is required to use PKI for authentication Click Certificate and upload the user's PKI certificate.
      To resend the activation email to a user Click Resend Activation.
      To suspend the user's access Click Suspend Access.
      To delete a user Click Delete.
      To see a user's privilege level Click the Privileges tab.
      To see the policies and applications of a user Click Assigned Policies and Assigned Applications
      For instructions on editing policies, privileges, and applications, check managing policies page and SSO applications.
      Please note that to automate the process of importing users and provisioning LastPass accounts, you can use the directory integration feature.