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What are federated statuses?

What are federated statuses?

    The table below contains the federated status of users and the available admin actions.

    The federated statuses can be viewed on the Users → Users tab in the new Admin Console.

    Table 1. Federated Statuses and Actions
    Status Description Available Actions Action Behavior
    Federated A federated user
    Not Federated An existing user that is not federated and has not been selected for federation. Enable federated login
    • The user's Federated User status is updated to "Selected".
    • Selected users are sent an email informing them that they were selected, and the next time they log in they are prompted to setup federation.

    Existing users that have been specifically selected for federation.

    Disable federated login
    • Invalidate the pending migration to become federated.
    Not eligible Super admins AND users who were not synced from the directory (=users added manually on LastPass admin) are not eligible for federation.

    Federated Statuses