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What are the best practices for the PSA integration billing update?

    LastPass PSA integration supports various ways for doing billing for LastPass. LastPass recommends a few best practices on how to organize your PSA so the integration can update user counts.

    Organizing Companies

    Each ConnectWise Company and Autotask Account are represented as a single Managed Company in LastPass. There needs to be a one-to-one relationship between the company in your PSA and a managed company in LastPass. This integration requires ConnectWise Companies and Autotask Accounts to be created beforehand.

    Organizing ConnectWise Products or Autotask Services

    We support using multiple PSA products and services for billing LastPass as long as one LastPass related solution is added to an agreement at a time. Our solution will not work for agreements that contain more than one product or service that you mapped.

    It is highly recommend that you create separate ConnectWise Products or Autotask Services for each LastPass SKU. Today we support only two (2) SKUs: LastPass and LastPass+MFA.

    Important: This integration does not create product or service instances in your PSA, as it is your responsibility to create the products or services in your PSA with the prices set before you start using the integration process.

    Organizing ConnectWise Agreements or Autotask Contracts

    This LastPass integration can only update the user counts for one ConnectWise Agreement or Autotask Contract per Company. We recommend that you have only one active agreement or contract attached to a ConnectWise or Autotask Company that you use for billing LastPass. While multiple agreements or contracts can be created, you must only use one to bill for LastPass.

    The integration does not create new agreements or contracts, only leverages existing ones. It is highly recommended to create and set up these agreements or contracts before you begin the setup process of this integration.


    The billing update is not meant to be used for prorating products.
    Autotask contracts use prorating. This prorating is bypassed by the integration; instead, the integration uploads seat counts with the start date of the current billing period.

    To set up your PSA with the best practices listed, please follow How do I set up the PSA integration billing update?