What are the enrollment and utilization rates?

    View data on how many users are enrolled and using LastPass in your company.

    Enrollment Rate

    The enrollment rate chart displays your company’s progress towards user enrollment in LastPass and includes the following information:
    • Enrollment rate
    • Number of users currently enrolled (Active status)
    • Number of users with an active invitation (Invited status)
    • Number of users with an expired invitation (Invite Expired status)

    The enrollment rate is calculated by dividing the number of enrolled users by the number of enrolled and unenrolled users combined, that is:

    enrollment rate = enrolled users / (enrolled users + unenrolled users)


    • Enrolled users have Active as their LastPass status.

    • Unenrolled users have been sent an invitation but have not accepted it yet (Invited status) or the invitation has expired (Invite Expired status).

    Users that have a Disabled status are not counted towards the enrollment rate calculation. In addition, a Staged user is not counted towards "enrolled" users. To view what status users have, go to the Users tab. To learn more about the different LastPass statuses, see How do I view user statuses in the new Admin Console?

    Note: The enrollment rate chart is updated once a day during off peak hours for your company.

    Utilization Rate

    The utilization rate chart displays the rate of users that are actively using LastPass. The utilization percentage calculates the users in Active status who are active using LastPass.

    To be considered an active user, a user has performed at least one of the following events in the last 30 days:

    • Logged in to LastPass
    • Added a site to the vault
    • Attempted to log in to a site via the vault or LastPass browser extension
    • Attempted to log in to an application via SSO
    • Attempted to use passwordless login and/or set up authentication (if enabled per SSO app) via the LastPass Authenticator app
    • Accessed the old Admin Console
    • Accessed the new Admin Console
    Note: If a user is already logged in to the Admin Console and refreshes the page, the refresh does not count as a new event.

    To summarize, the utilization rate is calculated by taking the number of users that have been active (that is, performed at least one of the actions listed above) within the last 30 days and dividing that number by the total number of users in Active status:

    utilization rate = number of users active in the last 30 days / number of users in Active status

    Note: The utilization rate chart is updated once a day during off peak hours for your company.