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What are the Security Checkup items in the LastPass Authenticator app for Android?

    You can make your LastPass Authenticator app accounts safer by performing the Security checkup actions.

    Note: The Security checkup feature is available only on Android OS.
    The Security checkup contains the following action items:
    Table 1. Security checkup item descriptions
    Security checkup item Description
    Enable biometrics Use biometrics authentication (fingerprint, face) to access the LastPass Authenticator app with an added layer of security.
    Note: Using face recognition for biometrics is only available on supported Android devices.
    Set up PIN code Use a PIN code to unlock the LastPass Authenticator app, thus adding a layer of security.
    Turn on cloud backup Save your LastPass Authenticator app accounts so you can restore them securely from your LastPass account if you change device or need to restore your current device.
    Enable tap-to-reveal Hide your TOTP codes so that they are displayed only when you tap on them.
    Don't allow screenshots Disable the option for other apps to take screenshots of your codes.
    Update Authenticator App Use the latest version of the LastPass Authenticator app to ensure that you're using the newest features and most secure version.
    This device is rooted Rooting is the process of allowing users of the Android OS to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems. If used incorrectly, rooting can cause security and stability issues with the software or hardware.

    Security checkup in the LastPass Authenticator