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What happens after I switch my active device type three times?

    As a LastPass Free user, you can switch your active device type a maximum of three (3) times between computer and mobile. After the third and final switch, you can use LastPass Free only on the last device type used. This means you can use LastPass on either all computers or all mobile devices, but not both.

    Please note that you will not be locked out of your LastPass account after your third and final switch. You will always have access to your LastPass account, just not on all types of devices.

    If you log in to LastPass Free on a non-active device type and do not switch to have that be your chosen active device type, you’ll have extremely limited access on your restricted Vault. See What happens if I log in to LastPass Free on a non-active device type? for more information.

    If you want to access LastPass on both device types, you must upgrade to LastPass Premium or LastPass Families.