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What is the adoption dashboard in the new Admin Console?

    As a LastPass Admin, view relevant summarized data to quickly understand how your business is using LastPass, and take easy, actionable steps for improvement in the new Admin Console adoption dashboard.

    LastPass announced and launched the new Admin Console in October 2020. We have continued to improve the new Admin Console by building new features and functionalities based on feedback from LastPass Admins, like the adoption dashboard.

    The adoption dashboard is a data visualization tool that quickly highlights pressing issues or gaps you may have in your LastPass enrollment and adoption, and our action panel provides simple, clickable steps you can take to resolve them.

    The Dashboard visually displays graphs and data points of LastPass adoption by user status, enrollment rate, utilization rate, and security score and provides one-click calls to action to simply communicate with your end-users.

    The adoption dashboard is located in the new Admin Console. If you are new to the new Admin Console, learn more here.

    The figure below shows the adoption dashboard in the new Admin Console.