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What is the new improved save and fill?

    The improved save and fill feature helps you to seamlessly navigate the internet by automatically, accurately, and securely filling in all information for you via autofill.

    Note: The new save and fill feature is not available on the Safari browser.

    What is save and fill?

    When you navigate to a web form online that requires you to fill information, LastPass will offer to save the information you have entered and add it to your vault (as long as you are logged in to the LastPass browser extension). Once added, any time you visit a web form that contains fields matching the information you have stored in your vault, LastPass will automatically offer to fill it in for you (i.e., autofill).

    User experience improvements

    The new save and fill feature includes the following user experience improvements:

    • More reliable field identification: in a test of 100 websites, LastPass now fills 100% of the login forms.
    • More reliable save notifications: if you're creating a new account on a website with a strong, generated password LastPass will more reliably help you save that to your vault.
    • Streamlined secure password generation: use the in-field active LastPass icon active LastPass icon to generate a secure password quickly and easily.

    • Accurate detection of the type of form you are editing:for example, when filling in login credentials versus inputting an address or credit card information, the infield UI will display the relevant records from your vault that can be filled into the active form.

    • Notifications to save address or credit card information: LastPass will help you add your address and credit card information to your vault by detecting the information you enter on websites.
    • Improved reliability when filling usernames and passwords for multi-step login flows: when there are separate screens for each credential, LastPass fills both the username and password more reliably. The Launch feature for these flows has also been improved.

    • Immediate autofill of credentials: LastPass now autofills login credentials immediately after you add them to the vault.
    • Better support for multiple monitors: when using a web browser across multiple screens, our context menu feature shows now the correct options to fill into the page based on where you right-click.
    • Better integration with settings: changes to settings are reflected in real-time. For example, if you disable the in-field fill feature, you will immediately see those changes on the website.

    Security updates

    The improved save and fill feature implements the following security improvement:

    • LastPass does not autofill password records on web pages where the hostname is not an exact match for the hostname on the password record. You must manually fill first and then autofill will be enabled after that. This is a security measure to prevent credentials from leaking without any user interaction to a malicious page via a subdomain takeover.

    Related extension preferences

    The new save and fill feature includes the following related extension preferences:

    • Automatically fill login information
    • Show fill options automatically


    • Offer to save addresses
    • Offer to save payment card info

    For the complete list and detailed description of General settings and Notification preferences, view General Settings and Notification Preferences respectively.