Which LastPass account should I use?

    New LastPass Business users often wonder whether to use their existing personal account, or to create a new account for professional purposes. Let's review both of the options so you can confidently decide which account to use.

    Option 1: Using separate accounts for personal and professional use

    This is the only way to ensure that you will never lose your personal data if/when you leave the company. For a more seamless experience, you can link your personal account with your LastPass Business account (policy restrictions may apply). If you are able to link your personal account, please note that the logins and data from your personal account will never be reported in the Business logs. This means that both accounts will remain wholly and separate. Once you have linked a personal account, you can migrate entries from your personal account to your LastPass Business account (policy restrictions may apply). It is highly recommended that you use this approach.

    Option 2: Using a single account for both personal and professional use

    This approach will ultimately give your employer control over the termination of the account, and therefore we do not recommend this approach in most cases. The administrator of the account has the ability to remove you as a user from the company, which allows you to preserve your data and to continue using LastPass as a personal account user. However, if the administrator deletes your account, all data and personal logins that you have saved will be deleted, which cannot be recovered.