Why am I being asked for permission in Firefox to copy LastPass data to my clipboard?

    Firefox has updated their security policies which now requires users to allow or deny the permission for LastPass to copy vault data (e.g., username, password, URL, form fields, etc.) to the clipboard when using the LastPass online web vault, web browser extension, or in-field icon.

    About this task: To allow Firefox permission to copy data from your vault to your clipboard, do the following:
    1. Log in to LastPass with your email address and master password.
    2. Locate your desired item, then click Copy.
    3. A message is displayed advising that if you want to copy data to your clipboard from LastPass, click Ask me for permission.

    4. When prompted, click Allow.
    Results: Your vault data is now copied to your clipboard for use, and you will no longer be prompted for permission to use the Copy feature.
    Note: To reset the accepted permission and be prompted again, you can reinstall the LastPass browser extension for Firefox.

    What happens if I click Deny for the permission?

    The vault data will not be copied to your clipboard if you clicked Deny on the permission prompt, however, the next time you try to copy an item you will be prompted to allow or deny permission once again.