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Why am I being logged off immediately after logging in to LastPass?

    If you are being logged out of LastPass soon after you log in, or your active session seems to expire too quickly, you may have an automatic log out setting enabled, or there may be a caching issue occurring within the web browser you are using.

    If your LastPass browser extension Preferences has one or both of the automatic log out settings enabled, you can disable those settings to remain logged in to your account.

    There can be a few reasons for caching issues, each having different resolutions, as listed below.

    • Your session cookies may be being cleared too early, which are needed to recognize and maintain your LastPass browsing session. Learn how to enable web browser cookies in your web browser.
    • Other web browser extensions, add-ons, or restrictive web browser settings can clear cookies earlier than desired. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you allowlist the LastPass browser extension within the settings of these tools.