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Why am I getting an email notification from LastPass Sentry Alert?

Why am I getting an email notification from LastPass Sentry Alert?

    LastPass Sentry will activate when you perform a Security Check that checks your usernames against security breaches that have occurred. The Security Check is a feature within the Security Challenge (in the LastPass app for iOS or Android) and/or can also be enforced via policy (for LastPass Teams or LastPass Business accounts). 

    When asked if you want LastPass to check all of the emails saved within LastPass to see if they have been compromised during known security breaches, LastPass Sentry will activate and send emails alerting you which site your credentials were likely compromised on. If LastPass Sentry notices an issue, it will send two emails:

    • One email to the compromised email address
    • One email to the address used with LastPass

    What if I get this email alert but don't have a LastPass account?

    If you don't have a LastPass account, it means that someone else (hopefully someone you know) has your email address stored in their LastPass account. When that person runs a Security Check in the mobile app, it scans all email addresses in their LastPass vault and sends an email if that account was compromised.

    What should I do next?

    Since the credentials for that site have been compromised, it is recommended that you navigate to that site and change your password immediately. If it is a site that you no longer use, we recommend that you close that account to avoid being compromised in the future.