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Why am I seeing a message that my LastPass Business account has expired?

    If you log in to LastPass and see a message that your account has expired, your account can still be renewed within a 14-day grace period before losing access to features and tools associated with LastPass Business accounts.

    Why am I seeing this expiration message?

    If your account has expired and the renewal period has lapsed 14 days, LastPass displays in-product messaging to all users and admins that the account can still be renewed within the allotted grace period before feature restrictions are introduced.

    How long is the grace period for renewal?

    You have within 14 days from seeing the in-product messaging to renew your account so that you don't lose feature access.

    What if my account is not renewed?

    If your account is not renewed within 14 days of the expiration messaging appearing, all LastPass Business account features are removed (including access to shared folders, SSO app login, and the Admin Console). Please note that this message cannot be dismissed.

    How do I renew my expired account?

    LastPass admins with purchasing power can click Renew on the in-product messaging to begin the renewal process.

    Why do I see a message that I am unauthorized when I try to renew?

    You may encounter an "Unauthorized" message during the renewal process if you are a LastPass user or a LastPass admin that does not have purchasing power. However, the LastPass usernames of the admins authorized to renew are displayed within the messaging. Please contact one of the LastPass admins listed in the message to start the renewal process.