Why am I stuck in a loop when I try to activate my federated login account for LastPass when using Internet Explorer?


    While using Internet Explorer, when a newly federated login user clicks Activate LastPass in their activation email, they are redirected to the account activation page, but are then immediately redirected to another page that prompts them to "Set master password - Enter your email" instead of pre-populating the username and requesting an activation code.


    LastPass is using the sessionStorage browser API in the federated login user activation flow, but this API is restricted by default in Internet Explorer 11.


    To activate your federated login user account, you can add LastPass as a trusted site within Internet Explorer's settings.

    1. Locate and open the Internet Explorer web browser.
    2. Go to Tools > Internet options .
    3. Click the Security tab.
    4. Select Trusted sites.
    5. Click Sites.
    6. Enter https://* into the empty field.
    7. Click Add.
    8. Click Close, then click Apply.

      Result: The LastPass website has now been added as a trusted site, and you can return to your activation email and click Activate LastPass for your federated login user account again. Learn more about the federated login end user experience.