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Why do I encounter a network error when activating federated login for LastPass using Okta?

    Cause: Cause

    LastPass is not accepting Okta's custom domain URL.

    Remedy: Solution

    Change the Okta custom domain URL to the default Okta URL.


    1. In Okta, go to Security > Authorization Servers and click the Edit icon .
    2. Go to the Settings tab and click Edit.
    3. Change the Issuer dropdown to select the Okta default domain.
    4. Log in to the new Admin Console at , go to Users > Federated login and select Okta.
    5. Change the OpenID URL to, then click Save Settings.
      If you get a warning from LastPass stating you have federated login users and won't allow you to save, click the Users > Users tab in the new Admin Console.
    6. Try the activation link again.