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Why do I see the message, "An error occurred while attempting to contact the server. Please check your internet connection" in LastPass?

    If you are encountering this error message, there are various troubleshooting tips listed below that you can try to resolve the issue.

    Your version may be out of date

    Your web browser may be clearing cookies

    • If you encounter this error message when you launch your web browser and attempt to log in to the LastPass browser extension, your web browser may be automatically clearing cookies. Check your web browser's settings and make sure it is enabled for allowing cookies.

    Another extension may be clearing cookies

    • Other web browser extensions may be disabling the cookies for your web browser. You can try disabling all other extensions and restart your web browser, then attempt to log in to LastPass again. If the issue no longer persists, you can enable each extension one-by-one to determine which extension is causing the issue.

    Your system date & time may be incorrect

    • Check that the date and time settings on your machine are accurate.

    Your proxy or firewall may be blocking access

    You may need to clear your LastPass cache

    You may need to change where your mobile data is stored

    • If you are logging in to LastPass on a mobile device or tablet, please ensure that the application data is stored in the device's internal memory and not on external storage, such as a MicroSD card.

    Your web browser may be holding onto outdated info

    • You can try clearing your web browser's cache and cookies to get rid of stale cookies and outdated info that could be causing the issue.