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Why does Heartbleed Security Check still say 'Go Update!' when I have already changed my password?

    Review various reasons and information below.

    The site entry is new

    If you have just added the entry to LastPass for the first time, LastPass did not see that you have updated the password. Please change the password one more time, making sure not to create a new entry, then go to your security score (within the Security Dashboard in your vault) and click View passwords to confirm that it is not listed as a weak, reused, or missing password.

    You have multiple entries under that domain

    If you have multiple entries under the same domain, LastPass will not rest until all of them have been changed! Make sure you change the password for all site entries and delete any extra entries you may have. LastPass counts entries called 'Generated Password for' as well, make sure to delete these once you are done with them.

    Further investigation is needed

    If you have double checked the above and made sure to change all applicable passwords but the Heartbleed Security Check still asks you to 'Go Update!', please contact LastPass Support by selecting Contact Support within this article and include the affected URL and a screenshot of the Heartbleed Security check.

    Note: The customer support offerings for LastPass will vary depending on your plan. For more information, please see What levels of customer support does LastPass offer?