Why does my browser indicate that LastPass has an invalid or expired security certificate?

    Most certificate warnings are caused because your computer's clock is not set correctly. Verify that your clock is set to the correct day, month, and year.

    If your clock is correct, verify that your certificates are enabled on your device.

    Check whether your security certificate settings were changed by your employer

    Many employers change standard certificate settings within their organization to ensure greater control over what sites employees visit, and in some instances, to monitor all HTTPS traffic. Please check with your IT or network administrator to determine if your default certificates have recently been modified.

    Install the necessary certificates

    If needed, install the required GlobalSign root certificates (R1 and R3) at

    If needed, install the required Thawte certificate (Thawte Primary Root A - G3) at

    Contact your administrator

    If installing the necessary certificates doesn't work, then contact your administrator and confirm the following information:

    • Your OS version
    • Do you run custom ROM?
    • Do you have security software that would be blocking LastPass from accessing the internet?
    • Mobile devices: Are you able to access on your mobile browsers on the same device?
    • Mobile devices: A copy of the log file is available from the Help & Support menu of the app. Please ensure that you have enabled logging and reproduce the issue before copying the log file.