LastPass is updating to a new look when logging in to the website at and in the LastPass extension.  


When should I expect this update? 

This update will be rolled out in phases.  

NOTE: It’s possible that you might see this login form on one browser/computer but not another.  


Where will I see this update? 

The update will be seen when logging in at and when logging into the extension in the following browsers: 

  • Chrome 

  • Firefox 

  • Edge Chromium 

  • Safari 

  • Edge 

  • Opera 


Why is this update happening? 

In addition to updating to a more modern look and minor improvements, the new login allows users with multiple multifactor authentication options to choose which multifactor can be used when logging in.  

See How do I log in to LastPass using different multifactor authentication options to learn more about using different multifactor options.  

For more information on best practices when logging in with multifactor authentication see, What are the best practices for using multifactor authentication in LastPass.  


I had the updated login, but no longer see it. What happened? 

Since we are rolling out the new login form in phases, if you refresh your login (e.g. your cookies have been cleared), your login may display the previous version.