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Is multifactor authentication affected by the changes to LastPass Free?

    No – multifactor authentication is supported for all LastPass account types (including LastPass Free), and is therefore not affected at all by these changes.

    As of March 16, 2021, LastPass Free only includes access on unlimited devices of one type. However, multifactor authentication is included as a feature of LastPass Free, and is supported for both Computers and Mobile Device types. This means that regardless of the device type that you select as active, you will still be able to use multifactor authentication to protect your LastPass vault.


    As a LastPass Free user, you select Computers as your active device type after March 16, 2021. Since multifactor authentication is supported, you can still use your mobile device to authenticate with the multifactor option you set up in your LastPass Free account.

    Additionally, if you are a LastPass Free user who uses the LastPass Authenticator app for multifactor authentication (to protect your LastPass account), you can continue to use the authenticator's Cloud Backup and Restore features even if you have selected Computers as your active device type. Please note that in order to use these features you must have the LastPass app installed on your mobile device and remain logged in (even if Mobile is not your selected device type).